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Excursion to Vrgada Island
A half day trip to Green island with lot of swimming on famous red sand beach. You can visit very small and picturesque village of Vrgada, with tight stone streets and great see- sight points. This trip also includes a cruising among numerous islands of Murter aqua-thorium.

Program 1. - A half day trip (M/B "Eudi")
Duration: from 9:00 - 14:00 hours
Departure: from Murter or Tisno in 9:00 hours
Entering waters of Vrgada : boat trip panoramic ride and sightseeing
Lunch: on boat
meat, fish or vegetarian menu, drink
Panoramic ride and swimming: /// swimming on famous red sand beach
Back: to Murter or Tisno in about 14:00 hours
Price includes: ticket lunch
Discounts for children: up to 6 years free
from 6-12 years 50%